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APOD Graduate Student Research Assistantship

Applicants are sought for a graduate student research assistantship opening in the Department of Physics at Michigan Technological University. The successful applicant will be expected to complete courses and research for a Ph D. in astrophysics while supporting the production of the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website. Attributes sought in applicants include a desire to produce original research and to effectively communicate science to the public.

Initially, potential applicants should communicate their interest by emailing Prof. Nemiroff at nemiroff@mtu.edu . This email should include a brief statement about why this position interests you, a brief discussion of your research interests, a brief discussion of your writing interests, an indication of the quality of your grades, an indication of the quality of your GRE scores, and a link to a writing sample. Qualified applicants will be encouraged to submit a formal application.

Preference may be given to applicants with research interests in common with Prof. Nemiroff. A key area of continuing interest since the 1990s has been exploring cosmology and the universe by using gamma-ray bursts, an area again ripe with new data. A more full list of Prof. Nemiroff’s interests might be found by browsing his scientific publications, possibly notable science ideas, and former Ph D. students.

MTU is listed in the top tier of national universities reviewed by US News and World Report. A recent interview discussing Prof. Nemiroff’s association with APOD can be found here. APOD is supported by — and produced in collaboration with — NASA. MTU is an equal opportunity employer. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. 


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