[beasiswa] [INFO] Beasiswa PhD Molecular Biosciences di Arkansas State University


Saya lampirkan program PhD di sekolah saya.
Kalau diterima, uang kuliah gratis dan dapat uang bulanan sekitar $1400.
$1400 cukup untuk hidup sebagai mahasiswa di kota saya.
Semoga sukses.
Ahmad Syamil
Associate Professor
College of Business
Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Molecular Biosciences (Ph. D.)
Arkansas State University
Molecular Biosciences
P.O. Box 837
State University, AR  72467
Phone             (870) 972-2007      
Dr. Roger Buchanan 
Program Director
Phone             (870) 972-2007      

Program Description
The cross-disciplinary Molecular Biosciences field is revolutionizing discovery and technological advances in disciplines ranging from agriculture to medicine, from forensics to environmental sciences, from food sciences to renewable energy. The Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program provides training and research opportunities that integrate cellular, molecular, developmental and gnomonic information and knowledge. The program has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, state-of-the-art technologies and innovation to address real world problems.
Admission Requirement
Each applicant must have a minimum of a B.S. in a basic or applied science, although preference may be given to M.S. level applicants. Applicants must present Graduate Record Examination scores for the Verbal, Analytical and Quantitative tests. The minimum combined Verbal and Quantitative scores must be 1000. Although not required, scores from an advanced test related to Molecular Biosciences may increase a candidates chance for admission. Also required are all Official College Transcripts, three Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement (maximum 2 pages) describing academic  and research goals and $50 application fee. Once the Graduate School receives all requirements, applications will be forwarded to the Molecular Biosciences Program Committee for their consideration and determination for student admission.
Deadline: Fall – February 15 and Spring – November 15.


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