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Subject: [THEPERPIKA] DGIST (Daegu-Gyeongbuk Inst. Sci. Tech.) 2012 Spring Semester Admission
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~ Christiand ~


ApplicationDec. 15 ~ 29, 2011    
* Online registration will be open until 17:00 of application due date.
* Not allowed to apply for more than one major at the same time.

Tuition Fees    
* Full scholarship will be provided

Incentives for Education and Research    
* PhD degree candidate : 12,000,000KRW + α / year
* MS degree candidate : 7,200,000KRW + α / year

* Dormitory will be provided. (small utility fee will be charged)

International Exchanges    
* Opportunity of training in Johns Hopkins University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), etc. will be provided.

※ Participation opportunity for various international conferences held in USA, Europe, Asia, etc.
Military Service Substitution   
* Military service substitution can be provided to PhD students

Government Research Project    
* Participation in DGIST research project is available.
* Participation in various projects related with KBRI (Korean Brain Research Institute) and DUP United-Campus (DGIST-UNIST-POSTECH) is available.


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