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I’d like to make the community aware of a Swedish Research Council supported PhD position in Physical Geography on the “Paleoglaciology and paleoclimate history of Central Asia bordered by the Kunlun Shan, Tian shan and Altai Mountainswithin the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology at Stockholm University.

Final date for applications: February 10, 2012.

Envisioned starting date: March 1, 2012 (negotiable).


The announcement can be viewed on the Stockholm University homepage: http://people.su.se/~rojac/vacations/463_6_12_Central_Asia_eng.pdf.


STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY hereby announces a PhD 
position/utbildningsbidrag in Physical Geography 
Within the topic: Paleoglaciology and paleoclimate history of Central Asia bordered by 
the Kunlun Shan, Tian Shan and Altai Mountains (463-6-12) at the Department of 
Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University. 
Final date for applications: February 10, 2012 
The  Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology  is one of the major 
departments within the Faculty of Science  at StockholmUniversity. The department has 
approximately 120 employees and educates approximately 1500 students annually. The main 
research areas are “Climate, environment  and landscape”, “Landscape analysis and 
geomatics”, “Glacier and polar environments” and “Land and water resources”. Education is 
oriented towards geography, biology-earth sciences, geosciences and environmental 
Project description: We seek to recruit a candidate who will participate in a Swedish 
Research Council-funded project which investigates former glacial conditions in an area of 
Central Asia that includes the Altai, Tian Shan and Kunlun ranges.  Supervision in this 
international project is provided as collaboration between researchers from the departments of 
Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University (www.ink.su.se), and 
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University (http://www.eas.purdue.edu/).  The 
successful candidate will first produce geomorphologic maps which will be the basis for 
glacial reconstructions. Fieldwork will be performed summers 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Central 
Asia with colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China, Germany and USA, and will include 
sampling glacial landforms for cosmogenic, luminescence, and electron spin resonance dating. 
The student is expected to participate in laboratory work for all three dating methods. The 
geomorphological and chronological data will form the core of the palaeoglaciological 
reconstructions and glacial modeling will be used to refine palaeoclimate inferences.  
As part of education at StockholmUniversity, and to take full advantage of the international 
team approach, the successful candidate will have the option to complete another Master of 
Science degree at Purdue University under the guidance of Prof. Jon Harbor. The expected 
educational structure will be as follows: One semester at Stockholm University (AprilDecember 2012), including coursework. Up to  two years at Purdue University (2013 and 
2014), completing coursework, cosmogenic nuclide laboratory work, and research for a 
Master of Science degree. Finally, up to two years (2015-2016) for completion of PhD 
dissertation work at StockholmUniversity, with an expected date of PhD thesis defence during 
the fall of 2016. All degrees will involve publication of research results in internationally 
respected journals, and, if studies at Purdue University are pursued towards a Masters’ degree, 
the PhD dissertation will build upon work completed for this degree.   


Arjen P. Stroeven

Professor, Head of Department

Department of Physical Geography & Quaternary Geology

Stockholm University

S-106 91 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Tel: +468164230

Fax: +468164818




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