[beasiswa] [info] PhD studentships in the Medical Genomics & Systems Biology (MGSB) University of Melbourne

PhD scholarship opportunities

Multiple PhD studentships are available in the Medical Genomics & Systems Biology (MGSB) Group at the University of Melbourne. MGSB is a multi-disciplinary research group whose aim is to use recent breakthroughs in genomic and molecular profiling technology (ultra high-throughput DNA/RNA sequencing, microarrays, metabolomics, etc.) to uncover the genomic basis of complex disease, understand pathogenesis at a systems-level, and build predictive models for patient stratification and precision medicine. To do this, we apply and develop concepts in graph theory, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

Our research is highly collaborative both around Australia and internationally. Each position is most suitable for a candidate with background in analytical (e.g. maths/statistics/computer science/physics) and biological sciences (e.g. biology/biochemistry/genetics). However, we most value those with strong enthusiasm to learn.

The PhD scholarship is full-time for up to 3.5 years and consists of an annual stipend of AUD$23,728, conference/travel support of $2,000, and a laptop or desktop computer. The PhD is research based, there are no coursework or teaching requirements.

For more information about the MGSB group, selection criteria and how to apply, please contact Dr Michael Inouye (minouye@unimelb.edu.au)

Website: http://www.path.unimelb.edu.au/research/labs/inouye


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