Re: [beasiswa] (butuh info) DANA PRESENTASI PAPER KE JEPANG

I would like to answer maybe you can get sponshorship from Pemda (Pemerintah daerah) where you come from. another is from PKLN diktis, if you a lecturer. 

that maybe 


From: Hany
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 6:47 PM
Subject: [beasiswa] (butuh info) DANA PRESENTASI PAPER KE JEPANG


sir and madam, i wish you can help me…
my paper is accepted to be presented in Uji Campus, Kyoto Univercity for event “The 2nd International Suistainble Future on Human Security” but i did’n get any i must search sponsor to go there
i’d sent my proposal to Exxonmobil, Mandiri Bank, Schlumberger, halliburton dll
but they all still not give me answer yet
can you give me some help or advice so i can attend the 2nd Sustain Kyoto 2011?

Thanks,hany, Univercity of gadjah mada ^^


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